raspberries and greens from the garden

How does your garden grow?

raspberries and greens from the garden

Here’s this morning’s garden haul: raspberries; courgette and some courgette flowers; apples and runner beans.

I can’t quite believe how many raspberries are still growing, seeing as it’s now officially Autumn. Though I’m not complaining as there’s nothing quite like having raspberries on tap (they are my favourite berry after all) – but I’m running out of ideas for what to do with them! I’ve made compotes, jam, cakes and crumbles; had them with pancakes, yoghurt, eton mess; and at breakfast, lunch and dinner…. you name it, I’ve tried it. At least I think I have! I’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions for how I could use/eat/preserve them – let me know using the comment box below.

I keep picking the courgette flowers with every intention of eating them, but short of stuffing them I’m not sure how else to use them. They keep going to waste, so if anyone has any ideas or tips, let me know.

We also have a glut of runner beans and, thanks to our lovely neighbours, more apples than you can shake a stick at. Luckily I’m a sucker for apple cake, crumble, compote, strudel, sauce……


2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. lisavcane says:

    Hi Sian – fab photo. I love raspberries too – my fave way of eating them is with Total Greek 0 Yoghurt and with honey all mixed together. I kid myself it’s totes healthy! It is kind of but I probably put way too much honey in. Some times just au naturel is all they need to be. Lisa x

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