Sian Julian - Lake District October 2013

Day 1 – Blogging 101: what’s in a name?

I’ve been following The Daily Post for a while now and when I saw the post the other day about the Blogging 101 challenge, I thought why not? What have I got to lose? Nothing. It can only be a good thing, and I do like a good challenge!

Recently I had this precise dilemma and posted about changing my blog’s name. I thought long and hard about what I wanted my blog to be called.

As I explained in my previous post, tea is probably my favourite thing in the world; I’m often day dreaming too. Put the two together and hey presto, dreaming of tea was born.

Initially I was more drawn to thyme for tea, I love a good pun and the food reference seemed apt too. But while researching there seemed to be a lot of blogs with ‘thyme’ in the title. And I wanted mine to stand out, not blend in. Fortunately the domain name was available, so for a small sum (really small!) I purchased

My tagline has been the same since I started this blog nearly a year ago: ‘Exploring the worlds of food and drink in Essex and beyond’. I work in communications so writing headlines, taglines etc. is something I do on a daily basis. I found this part easier than coming up with a name for my blog! I think it’s concise and explains exactly what my blog is about (though sometimes I might veer away from this!), I don’t think I’ll be changing it any time soon.

When coming up with both, I returned to my trusty steeds of pen and paper. I started off making a list of words and things that I like and relate to what my blog is about. From those I came up with related words and drew lots of lines and arrows where there was crossover. Mapping out words and phrases i.e. tea, thyme, gin, allowed me to see how the words could go together. You can see my scribblings below.

blog name scribblings in my notebook

Yes, even at the age of 26 I still have a penchant for coloured pens!

I might not stick with the name forever, but it does feel right. I am happy with it. It represents me and the things that are important to me.

I’d be really interested to know what you all think of the name I’ve chosen. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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