Second hand plates from a local charity shop

Charity shopping for crockery

Second hand plates from a local charity shop

They were only 50p each – how could I resist!

There’s something about charity shopping which gives me quite a thrill. Sometimes I’ll come away with nothing, but other times I’ll find a real treat like my vintage sequin Frank Usher top in perfect condition.

As I mentioned in my previous post about Soho’s Secret Tea Room, I love old crockery – and it being mismatched does not bother me. So today I was really happy to stumble upon a whole box of mismatched plates and saucers, mostly in perfect condition at a local charity shop (Farleigh Hospice one – it’s a good’un).

charity shop plates

It’s quite amazing I only came away with five…at 50p a pop, the temptation to buy them all was overwhelming. I’m happy with the ones I picked up though; think they’ll look lovely with a piece of cake on them!

I’m always amazed when I get bargains like this, and it reminds me why it’s worth being a bit patient to have a rummage in charity shops, markets, vintage shops etc. If you have the time and patience, and labels/brands etc. don’t bother you, then it can be a real winner.

You’ll be seeing these plates in the near future, complete with cake – or maybe some mince pies!


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