Ginger Mincemeat in jars

Christmas baking: ginger mincemeat

I’ve been a bit slack lately with blogging, life has simply got in the way. Rather than beat myself up about it, I decided its okay to take a rest sometimes – especially as my wrists have been hurting a lot lately. Anyway, I’m not one to moan so enough about that.

ginger mincemeat ingredients

All the things you need – I tried to get organic dried fruits where poss, but it’s not essential!

The festive period is a time of year I always look forward to. Seeing friends and family you haven’t seen in a while – and those you have. Making and sharing delicious food; going out for meals; drinking festive drinks (did someone say mulled wine?!); and of course, the main event itself. I love everything about it, from the smell of the Christmas tree to the delicious dinner, crackers and giving gifts. I can’t wait till I have my own house so I can start my own traditions too (FYI – this will involve a LOT of mulled drinks, pastry goods and ridiculous decorations).

Anyway, on to the point in hand. Last year, I wrote about my ‘marvellous mincemeat’ as I like to call it – it’s an adaptation of a Mary Berry recipe, so you simply can’t go wrong.

Ginger Mincemeat in jars

Note – you don’t need to buy/use fancy jars, keep old jam and chutney ones. Just clean and sterilise before you use them!

I’ve been at it again this year. Only this time, I put it into smaller jars with the intention of sharing the love; one jar has gone to my boyfriend’s lovely mum, who has as sweeter tooth as I do, and another will go to one of my best friends who also appreciates the deliciousness of ginger.

The recipe and method hasn’t changed at all, except I doubled the amount of stem ginger simply because I love it, and in my opinion it can take it. if you don’t like ginger, just leave it out and replace with another dried fruit e.g. cranberries, or some chopped nuts (I imagine almonds would work well).

Preparation of mincemeat

I’m making a fair few other edible gifts and bits of bobs for the festive period this year, so I’ll post up the rest of my endeavours in due course. Expect to see chutney, fudge, truffles and biscuits. If anyone has any tips or tricks, or favourite festive recipes I’d love to hear them! And if you make my mincemeat, I hope you enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “Christmas baking: ginger mincemeat

  1. bevaston says:

    What a lovely happy post, so pleased to read of some-one else who enjoys the traditions of Christmas. Love the idea of making my own mincemeat but I’m naughty and too lazy to make my own so I have bought some ready to make my first batch of mice pies tomorrow!!

    • sianjulian says:

      No shame in that, there are some really nice ones you can buy anyway! I only discovered making my own a few years ago (this is year 4!!) – I think the main reason I like doing it is owing to my preserved ginger obsession…

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