Sian Julian Instagram Tiptree cheesecake

Tea time at Tiptree

Sian Julian Instagram Tiptree cheesecake


As an Essex girl born and bred, Tiptree jam is – and always has been – part and parcel of every day life. I remember my first holiday abroad with my mum, I couldn’t believe they had Tiptree jam at breakfast! I had no idea it was such a global brand, but having eaten it my whole life I can attest that it simply is the best (not that I’m at all biased!).

If you’ve never tried any Tiptree products, it extends way beyond jam. My favourites include the Hot Gooseberry chutney – great with cheese and meat; Brown sauce – I do love HP, but this one is extra special; Orange and Ginger Marmalade (the ginger makes it healthy, right?); and the Hot English Mustard. If I had to pick just one jam for the rest of my life, it would be the Tiny Tip Raspberry. Divine. Though the blackcurrant is also rather special – both are amazing in a cream tea!

Anyway, back to the point in hand. It shames me to say that, until Saturday, I’d never made it to any of the Tiptree Tea Rooms. Along with two of my school friends (one who hadn’t seen in far too long, so it was a bit of reunion too!), off we trotted to the Lordship Tea Room at Writtle College. It’s a really lovely building – much bigger than expected, with ample (free)parking – and a special mention must go to the staff all really friendly and squeezed us in almost straight away.

Great first impressions were backed up by some really tasty food – I opted for a bacon and brie toastie. I asked if they could pop some chutney in, but instead I was given a whole mini jar of my favourite gooseberry (no extra charge!) – there’s no picture, because I ate it before I remembered!!! I was very impressed.

It’s hard to miss the cake stand at the front, and having seen lots of people order delicious looking sweets, we decided it would be rude no to. Behold the Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake (pic at the top). The lightest, melt in the mouth cheesecake with bits of brownie stirred through it. Heaven! Honestly one of the best cheesecakes (if not the best, how it was that light I don’t know!) that’s ever crossed my lips.

We also frequented the cute shop next door, which stocks the full Tiptree range (of course), a patisserie counter with more of their baked delights, a meat and cheese counter, plus lots of other trinkets.

So will I be going back? Yes, definitely! A humongous toastie, generous portion of cheesecake, pot of tea and a fancy apple and elderflower juice came to the princely sum of £14 which I don’t think is too bad at all. In the shop I got a Millionaire’s Chocolate Tart to take out for about £3, plus some lovely cheeses – including my favourite, Yarg which isn’t always easy to get hold of! If you’re in the area, I highly recommend a trip.


2 thoughts on “Tea time at Tiptree

  1. lisavcane says:

    Ooh, Sian, you describe it all so deliciously! When I return from my travels let’s meet there for a long catch up interspersed with all those delights. I too love the Tiptree Tiny Tips Raspberry along with the Black Cherry Conserve…..and Strawberry………

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